Napa Car and Bike Paint and Restoration


We offer a wide range of sheetmetal, bodywork, custom paint and trim restoration and services and try to accommodate most budgets. Most of the time involved in the paint process is the prep. Without it, you can’t show off your paint.

Body → We recommend stripping any car that has been painted a few times or where the substrate is questionable. It’s like buying insurance for your paint job. Most cars are metalfinsihed, gapped and bodyworked with the panels hung to keep nice bodylines. The car is bodyworked (blocked and primed)within the specified budget. We final (wet)sand all cars by hand.

Paint → From stock colors to wild panels, flakes, pearls and candies. Here is where we shine. Altissimo delivers the highest quality paint jobs around. We do concours, rotisserie, and custom paint schemes to whatever level you desire. We use PPG and House of Kolor, although we are comfortable shooting any system.

Polishing → Rubbing (color-sanding and polishing) eliminates texture inherent in modern paint systems. All of the cars that are shown are rubbed, even some of the nice drivers. The process includes color sanding to achieve an ultra flat surface and deliver a mirror-like shine and reflection. This process is time consuming and is all done by hand. If additional coats are requires for show cars or buried graphics, we also flow-coat .

Restoration → Altissimo has taken part in some of the nicest restorations around. We’ve made it our goal to set a new standard for fit-and-finish in the restoration world. We offer everything but mechanical repair and upholstery- but we do have some great sources for both.

Stainless Trim Repair → Altissimo can save your original trim. We offer stainless trim repair and polishing, in which we metalfinish (bump and file) and check fitting of trim before it ever goes to the buffer. If it passes inspection and the fit is good, we sand and polish to a mirror like finish.